I’m not one for sitting still. I’ll do something, lets say revamp the kitchen  and then rather than giving myself a pat on the shoulder and pouring a glass of fizz because its all looking beautiful I’ll be like is that really good enough?  Needless to say I’m never ever satisfied with anything, it’s not something I am proud of but it’s also not something I can change I don’t think. Maybe its part of being creative or maybe I need a few therapy sessions who knows! Needless to say my attention has  now turned on to the blog. I want to revamp it, it’s bothering me so I thought I would run via you guys a few of my ideas.

I want new sections – here are my thoughts:

DESIGN – which is pretty  much what I yabber about each and every morning. The low down on how to create the coolest pad on the planet basically!

RETAIL MASTERCLASS – each week I was thinking of posting a cheat sheet on how to create and run a successful business. I also thought it might be fun to profile a business each month with a Q&A so we can all learn about mistakes, things that have worked, things that could have been done differently etc. etc. What do you think. If you are such a business please email us (until I set up a new email) on Opencall@abigailahern.com

SHOP – a shout out to some of the coolest products on the planet – mostly mine obviously! Joking aside I’m also thinking of bringing back Open call so if you are a new or not so new designer/artist and want your work featured here the email address is opencall@abigailahern.com

THE PAINT REVOLUTION – ideas on decorating differently with colour. Tips/tricks, secrets etc. etc.

CURRENT OBSESSIONS – I have many in no particular order; Gardens, Cabins, Heads, Mirrors, Artisan Beer!


AA DEALS – discounts, heads up on flash sales, giveaways etc. etc.

Whatta Ya Think!

Oh and an image to inspire us for the weekend.