Having spent all last weekend moving the big stuff around like tables and so forth I find it’s actually the small changes that make just as much impact as the large. For example a concrete vase which once looked fab on the mantle has been replaced with a glossy vase (its more glamorous vibe fitting the new room). Or relocating the cactus from the bathroom to the studio suddenly connects my inside space with my outside space beautifully. Simple little things which brings me nicely to todays post – 8 changes that make the biggest impact.

To get a new look you don’t need to throw everything out and start over. Making the smallest changes I find can have the biggest impact here’s some stuff I do time and time again.

1. Add a rug (ideally patterned). I bang on about patterned rugs all the time I know, but they make the biggest impact. Going for a solid hue can suck all the energy out of the room so by adding something with a motif no matter how small is a game changer.

2. Hang pendant lights or chandeliers lower than you normally would over tables. I’ve literally just done this and it’s a game changer rather than the chandelier floating near the top of the ceiling it’s actually become a major accessory in its own right simply because I’ve lowered it over the table about 8 inches!

3. If your room is traditional or conversely modern add one of two things from a different period to add zing. Think of it as you would when you add salt to a dish it brings your room alive! For example I’ve got a rather traditional oil painting of a gent on the wall which I’ve partnered with a zingy graffiti style print. Looks super cool!

4. Paint a wall in a colour that scares you for some high impact visual intrigue. It’s only a wall and you can paint it back in an hour if you hate it! Or fabric a wall, we did our cupboards in about  2 hours and I love!

5. Go thrift hunting and find one of those brass chandeliers that are super cheap then spray it a fun colour. Not white or anything wishy-washy mind it won’t have the same impact – some colour that takes courage!

6. Every room needs an animal in it, real or otherwise. I’ve got paper mache elephants, toucan’s, ceramic dogs, flocked pelicans all over my pad they lighten the mood!

7 Use books as part of your tablescape. I do this all the time, a heap of mags for instance a little candle or posy of flowers on top – simple, beautiful and nailed!

8 Think outside the box when it comes to wallpaper one of my favourite bathrooms of all time was featured in Lonny magazine a while back and consists of sheets of craft paper applied to a wall, as simple as that (see image)!