Morning. January is a funny month I keep hearing people say how they don’t like the month but I rather love Januarys. Weird? I guess most people find them rather flat after the holidays but I love that new beginning feeling. Whatever happened in the past happened, its time to start afresh think a new and do things differently or up the game. I read somewhere recently for the life of me I can’t think where – run don’t walk into the direction of what scares you most. That’s the motto I’m living by for 2014.

Painting the house out in hues with more depth has been scary but its taught me something  – the more you push and challenge yourself the more the rewarding it is. It wasn’t easy changing rooms that I rather liked. I was relatively happy with them but not overjoyed. This had niggled at me for yonks but the hassle factor of change, the will it won’t it work, the stupid dead line I’ve put us on – whole house revamped by the end of Jan is I agree bonkers (otherwise it would never get done)! But I’ve learnt something if you don’t push yourself if you don’t face some scary decisions straight on, embrace change, have courage well you’re not really living to the full.

Am I preaching its truly not my intention its just when you decorate or do something outside of your comfort zone when you sprint in that direction of worry or fear something strange happens. It no longer feels scary or like a hurdle and you actually wonder what took you so long.

A while back on the blog I run a feature called Style Surgery, each month we would look at someone’s room and come up with a new design for the space. Regrettably due to my over burdened schedule we are no longer doing it, but I wanted to share Caroline’s space with you. Recently revamped it looks amazing and if you check out the comments Caroline takes you step by step through what she and her husband have done. Basically they  felt the space didn’t feel homely enough so I came up with a heap of advice and here are her before and after’s. Here’s the link to Caroline’s comments taking you through what she did (

The before’s 2

And how:

photo 1-3


Decorating is about having courage, if it were easy everyone would have amazing rooms and sadly that isn’t the case. It takes time, patience and faith. It’s also utterly addictive, once you get the bug there is no going back. I love it. Always will I think!