Our homes should make us feel happy  the very instant we walk through the door, Whether you’re living on the 97th floor of a sky rise uptown, or in a cottage on the coast, the minute we enter our spirits should rise a level. Creating a happy home has got nothing to do with money, style and taste rarely do we all know that, it got’s more to do with adding simple little tricks that make the heart skip a beat.

Here are 6 ways easy ways to inject some happiness into yours!


Add a splash of yellow its the most underused colour in the decorating book. This cheerful hue will lift your spirits instantly,. Paint a whole wall, add it as an accent it doesn’t really matter which way you go, just go!

Add flowers

Flowers have a huge impact on our emotional health, triggering happy emotions and nothing makes me happier than walking into a room with flowers. I plop something scented on to my desk and dining table like stocks, sweat peas, roses, and it automatically makes me happy. I read somewhere that nature provides us with  a simple way to improve emotional health. So flowers in the studio are now a must!


Fact re-arranging bits and bobs elicits happiness! . Whose fact exactly you may ask? Er mine! Not that G or the 2 M’s agree drives them potty, but house re arranging days  I love. Moving things from here to there and then back over there – love it!

Only buy what you love

It’s a no brainer but when you buy only things you love you’ll never tire of them there will always be a place, always.

Add curves

Linear, rectangular, boxy rooms need curves in order to make them appear more inviting. Curves soften a room, making the space easier on the eye and more inviting – its one of the biggest game changing tricks I know. You don’t need to go overboard I’m thinking the odd mirror, vase, occasional table just one or two pieces that break up all those straight lines!

Add some whimsy

I’m talking something unexpected or a little surprising.  The reason why I love decorating with animal accessories a lot is that they lighten the mood. Period! I’ve got them everywhere, parrots on mantles, poodles on side tables, elephants in bookcases – everywhere I tell you.

OK over to you Pharrell Williams – que your Happy song, cannot get it out of my head!