So it’s done guys. My new outdoor kitchen’s in and it’s looking fabulous. So excited to show it to you now it’s all styled and we’ve got all the bits and bobs like the dutch oven and the Big Green Egg. It’s totally expanded and transformed the terrace. I love it!

It took way longer than we thought to install due to the problems of living in a terrace and huge heavy panels of concrete having to come through the windows but I am so excited with it. Half way through the installation with a killer headache I was like no this isn’t going to work, but its a bit like paint. You paint something dark (this kitchen is black) and with nothing else in the space it scares the pants off of you but the minute you start putting plants back in and a table in front, they pop against that dark background and wham bam magic happens.  We’ve got to light it properly now but small steps at a time as they say! I’m just managing to potter again, the headache floored me!

It comes in anthracite or cream with tall walls or short, basically you buy it in panels and add whatever you want say like a pizza oven, a dutch oven, a sink, a cut out for barbecue – clever no? The reason I was so drawn to it is that it shouts cooking outside, its not like some indoor one tweaked for outdoors so no gas, or electricity true outdoor cooking! Word of warning if you are ever thinking of getting one you need the installation guys its not something you can do yourself. G pitched in helping the boys and this morning he is half dead – but such a trooper all emphasis now moves to the store where the other kitchen is getting installed. So he is there now, a totally bonkers week!