I’ve just spent a week in China in a 5 star luxury hotel and have felt cosseted, comforted and I have to say exceedingly well looked after. From the scented lemon water greeting guests after a weary 19 hours travelling, to the aroma of scented candles gently wafting through the main spaces. From the lobby to the spa, to the squidgy loungy sofas on the outdoor terraces, every little detail has been considered. A torch to read the menu outdoors when dusk falls, rugs so thick that your feet sink into them as you climb out of bed each morning. Fluffy white towels, hand milled soap, every little detail has been thought about.

I got home and started to think how it actually only takes a few small steps to replicate something similar at home. These are 5 quick tips to make your home feel like a luxury hotel…

Concentrate on your entryway

When you walk into a luxury hotel you are suddenly transported into an amazing lobby with flowers, big mirrors, mood lighting, interesting art, seating even. It’s like walking into another world, a world that kind of wraps you up in a cashmere blanket and makes you feel tranquil yet tantalized at the same time.

The trick to replicating something similar at home is to start with your hallway – the entryway into your world. Add a table no matter how skinny to this area, add lamps, flowers, maybe some books. Plop a mirror above and suddenly you’ve created instant impact.

Create a spa bathroom in your home

Think fluffy white towels, a scented candle, some beautiful toiletries – these little treates are all it takes to create a similar vibe. I use Aesop and Santa Maria Novella but irrespective of whom you plump for it’s the feeling of washing your hands or face with some beautifully scented wash or lotion.

Upscale your lighting

Hotels pay the hugest attention to lights. Beautifully lit chandeliers, side lamps, and wall sconces, task lights to highlight art. So many different light sources, all dimmed of course, are the key component to creating a mood. Note they are never too matchy-matchy although they always harmonise. Go luxe and opt for gold lighting, and suddenly you’ve instantly upped the glamour stakes. Switch out some of your harsh overhead lights for dimmable bulbs and stick in a dimmer switch for easy mood lighting at home.

Details are everything

Cushions trimmed with velvet or feathers, chairs trimmed with nail heads – it’s easy to add luxe embellishments to pieces. You can bespoke your curtains with cool swags, swap out lighting switches with more luxurious looking ones and replace white plastic door knobs with ceramic ones. Little things that will make a big 5* difference.

Lounging is key

Walk into any luxury hotel and you will see countless areas for lounging. To add a similar luxury vibe to your space add a few extra conversational areas with chairs. I’ve got them flanking fireplaces, bookcases, landings even it’s as simple as that. Don’t always think practically when you place them, I never do!

Creating a home that feels like an escape is what it is all about. And if you can, have plenty of storage space so all the ugly stuff is behind closed doors! Just as you’ll find in luxury hotels, the practical bits are hidden and all the cool stuff is on display.