Yard sale day today, yay hay. Stuff I’ve pulled from my pad, the warehouse, prototypes of some new products for our own label that we are not going forward with. Rugs, wicker elephant tables, lamps, art, chairs (zillions of chairs) all goes live on the website at 11 am!

Today I thought I would concentrate on 5 items that totally change-up the vibe of a home.  I’m not talking essentials that get us by I’m talking pieces that we will want no matter if we move continents or just around the block. I say this a lot but when you buy from the heart you’re less likely to make mistakes. I’ve just gone through a major re jig with my studio and whilst I haven’t gotten rid of much (OK well maybe a bit as it’s all in the yard sale) I’ve also relocated a lot of it. Chairs have moved from one room to another, as have lamps, vases, art and even flowers. When I was moving it all around I got to thinking if I had to drill down my essentials what would it be? In no particular order then…

A cool console or sideboard

It can be an investment piece or something you’ve picked up at a flea. If you move it moves with you – it’s one of those pieces that is with you for life. It can be practical (if it has drawers) but more than that it’s a great little area to create an interesting tableau. You can use as an impromptu bar, an area to display favourite finds, artwork etc. I’m always on the hunt wherever I go! I’m pretty addicted to the Ikea lacquer ones actually because they are super skinny, but also glam and glossy. One of things going in today’s sale actually is one of my  Ikea console’s since I’m relocating the Design School downstairs there is just not the room anymore.

Cool bedding

You don’t need much in a bedroom to make it look cool but by opting for a different hue to the standard boring white suddenly you’ll have turned your conventional looking bedroom into something super intriguing.

Merci, Society and Laursi have the best linen bedding in the world with the most beautiful palette!

A desk

Whether you work from home or not we all need spaces in our homes to multi task, pay bills, write emails and so forth. I say find the most stylish desk you possibly can and incorporate it into your décor. I choose more times that not dining tables that I use as desks,  vintage ones at that. I like them ornate – often small in size I shove them into corners of my rooms, plop a vase and a lamp on and hey presto I’ve nailed it!

Books & cds

When everyone is so computer orientated books, cds, albums more than ever bring spaces alive and make them feel homely. We designers love them and not just books, heaps of magazines on shelves with little cards or paintings butting up against them a stack of cds even. You don’t need a floor to ceiling library the odd shelf will do or a little heap on a table. They add all the visual interest required and when you mix in personal objects as well it takes it to a whole other level!


Table lamps, floors lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, pendants the more the merrier. Lighting is our biggest seller in the store we’re shipping it all over the world weekly  – and the reason why?  Well I reckon it’s because we got some of the coolest lighting out there. I am a little light obsessed! I spend an age sourcing it or producing it, plus its one of the most transformative things you can do to any room. EVER

Enjoy the yard sale there are lots of bargains!