I don’t know about you guys but I want my living areas to feel extremely lux. Sophisticated and glam but also relaxed, which isn’t the easiest look to pull off. So in my pad you’ll find incredibly deep seated velvet/mohair sofas, little marble occasional tables, baskets of wood and lots and lots of little table lamps from posh ones (mouth blown glass) to flea market finds for a few bucks. I’m calling this look “lux relaxed modernity” and here are all the elements you’ll need to pull it off.

A subtle palette

Weird me saying that now, but seriously these days I am less about bright pops of colour and more about things pinging out at you through their texture. Think rough, think shiny, think opulent that kind of thing. I still use the odd isolated colour pop but they are so much more restrained these days. I’m not saying you have to colour match everything, I’m merely saying the more restricted you are with the palette the more sophisticated your pad will feel – simple as that! Plus it’s easier to mix when you’re only dealing with a couple of colours.

Oodles of black

I know I know, I’m forever banging on about black and I’m at it again, but this time I’m praising black accents. Plop something black into a room and it will lend your pad an air of sophistication that literally no other colour can do. I’m talking pieces of furniture, objects, artwork – anything really.

Laid back elements

Add them in abundance. All the things that evoke relaxed living so think baskets of logs, sheepskins on chairs, softly woven cushions, slubby rugs. These elements allow my room (and me!) to relax.

Country-esque flowers

All our flowers look like they’ve just been picked from a meadow. Fat headed blooms that are inspired by the Dutch masters are what Gem and I gravitate towards, so once you plonk a vase of meadowy flowers on a mantle or side table you’ll immediately give it a laid back vibe. Game changer!

Add a sense of fantasy

I do this by super-sizing things but you could also do it be using some tantalising hues, surreal artwork, anything. Anything highly decorative for that matter so think chandeliers, sculpted urns, mirrors, tiered sconces. These will all do the trick nicely!

It’s the combo that is so magical for me. A bit of glitz and glam partnered with some more relaxed elements will give you a space that you come skipping home too. I know that I do!