I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, was awake at 3am tossing and turning with all the things happening but I need to stay focused and not get overwhelmed right, otherwise what is the point of that. Writing this blog post and talking to you guys takes my mind off things for a sec which is a good thing and your comments cheer me up so thank you. Got be out of your comfort zone to make the magic happen, after all!

Speaking of, do you take risks? I happen to, not only does it make you feel alive it makes any space so much more droolworthy. Below I’ve come up with 5 risks that I think everyone should try – the results will be stunning.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 09.19.49

Mix your prints You can mix more patterns than you ever thought possible by reigning in the palette. You can mix any motif – vertical stripes, diamond patterns, paisley, checks, florals, the world is your oyster!



Go out of your comfort zone with colour When you use colours with depth (for me the inkier and swampier the better) it’s so much more impactful than those wishy washy neutrals. Colour transforms anything it touches and it’s the cheapest most transformative thing you can ever do so don’t be scared. What’s the worst thing that could happen – if you hate paint it back again, no biggie in the general scheme of things right?



Incorporate quirky pieces Not everything has to make sense in a room, if it does it will read as a little uptight. You need the odd piece to throw everything off balance! That way it’s harder for people to read your room in an instant and it makes it more compelling (little secret there). So incorporate one or two quirky pieces – I’ve got the odd gold hand chair, unusual sculptures, cool art in mine it adds instant personality.


Add in something gold I am obsessed with gold nothing enlivens a scheme like a metallic touch. Our little hammered gold tables are all over my pad and I adore. Gold can be scary I know that but unless you’re Donald Trump who has overdosed on it in the most hideous of ways you cannot really go wrong!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 09.30.37

Hanging plants Remember the 70’s when hanging terrariums were all the rage? Well they’re making a comeback. Just like a low pendant over a dining table, you’ll easily be able to anchor a space or create a focal point by hanging a little cluster of terrariums.

Lesson over, have a great Wednesday. Today I’m aiming for my heart not to beat so fast out of my chest or feeling light headed like yesterday (it was a problem after problem day and I could feel the stress rising). Today I’m aiming for solutions instead of stress! I’m about to light some relaxing oil, turn on all the lights and think quiet thoughts.  Don’t ask me where these solutions are coming from – I’m just aiming for them!