I would like to kickstart Monday morning off with a big thank you to everyone who came to my two classes this weekend. Fabulous group of people, thank you so much for attending! My last Design Class of the year takes place in two weeks time, which sounds crazy. Can’t believe the year has flown by. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend, ours was a working one. Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest until I started freaking out that it’s only 8 weeks until we launch the new collection in Paris, so worked on that!

This morning I thought I would concentrate on decorating conundrums. I get asked quite regularly by journalists and you guys how to fix some common décor woes, so I thought it would be fun to write a list of the most frequent ones so we can boil them down, drill into them and then nail them!

How do I choose the right rug size for a room?

Most designers will tell you to float your furniture on a rug or measure before buying to make sure such and such a table is so many centimetres on it or off of it. I’m telling you if you see a rug that you love forget the rules and just make it work. I’ve got rugs that aren’t big enough for the whole space so then I’ve added others into the mix like say a runner to visually elongate them. I’ve even used just runners patchworked across a whole room! If you love a rug you can make it work. The more hung up you get with the rules the more restricted your boundaries and the duller your room will be. Simple as that!

How do I make a small space look bigger?

Paint out the ceiling, the skirting boards, and all the other woodwork the same colours as your walls. Go one step further and take art up and over the door. Easiest thing ever.

How do I light a room?

It’s all about layers so make sure you have table lights, the odd floor lamp, even wall lights and maybe a chandelier or pendant. As my Design School now know, you really need at least 8 sources of light in a room. Honestly! Dimmers are essential too – I don’t dim my table lights but everything else I do, that way when the light changes so does the mood of my space. Make sure the lighting plan is balanced so everything is not all down one end and make sure not every light is the same size. You want a lively rhythm of sizes going on to keep the scheme looking interesting.

How do I decorate a shelf?

Balance vintage with modern, old with new, restrict the colour palette and mix up the materials. Nailed! Oh and no gaps as I am forever going on about!

How do I make a gallery wall not look messy?

Anchor it with 2 or even 3 larger pieces that the eye automatically darts too. Never one large focal point, as this is way too predictable!

How do I decorate around something that’s ugly like a radiator or air conditioning unit?

Easy peasy – it’s all about distracting the eye. Anything you don’t want the eye to see, paint out if you can. If you can’t, lead the focus away instead and distract the eye by all the other amazing stuff you have in the room. Then it won’t even get noticed promise!

Easy when you think about it no? Oh and I’ve just realised that is 6 conundrums, so I got carried away!

Happy Monday.