When you are looking for commercial property maintenance, it is important to find out your garden style comes down to few things – namely drilling into yourself and figuring out what you gravitate towards in terms of vibe and what you don’t. The thing about design is a lot of people follow trends remember when water features were so big in gardens and now they are kind of poo poo’d! The sad reality is that a lot of us follow along like sheep without rarely drilling into our own personal aesthetic and owing it. Creating your own personal style is all about honing into what colours, shapes, styles, tastes, inspirations and interests you have and then reflecting them in your scheme.

The same principles apply when it comes to designing your garden style as they do when you’re developing your interior style. Research. Look at blogs, Pinterest, garden books, get inspiration from the High End Garden Design in London, garden columns in newspapers everywhere and anywhere to get you inspired. This is what has really worked for me:

Dark backgrounds

Surprising hey! OF course not, everything looks so much more expensive, lush, luxurious you name it against a dark background. Just try it if you’ve got any kind of fencing on walls. Promise it’s the biggest game changer you can do for your garden. We’ve just painted my new cabin out dark which anyone following me on Instagram will see and its looking amazing! Haven’t tackled inside yet that’s after I get back from China!


Putting anything on castors deems it instantly moveable so it’s great for big planters and great big slabs of wood like benches or tables. You could say its an industrial trend but whatever trend it is referencing its super cool for the garden.

Tall plants

If you want an instant garden then let me recommend two plants that I’ve got in my garden. Black bamboo which if you feed with seaweed and water quite a few times a week will reach the stars in no time and mile a minute. This plant gets the worst wrap in gardening circles (kind of the equivalent to carnations in the flower world) but I love nothing better than taking something that people turn there noises up at and turning it cool. It’s a creeper it has white flowers in summer and blocks out the neighbours yucky extension. Win win.

Oversized pots

Anything in a bigger pot automatically makes your garden feel grander and more statesmanlike even if you have the smallest space. Forget about perfectly proportioning everything, dull as ditch water in my book. Go big or don’t go is what I’m thinking!