Morning, I happen to love Mondays. After a weekend off (our first in a month) I feel refreshed and ready to hit the week with a bang. It was actually warm enough to have lunch outside yesterday and I feel  spring is in the air, evenings are getting lighter, birds are singing louder on my dawn outdoor swims, I like. Also I like starting the week with plans and strategies and ideas and then watch how it progresses (sometimes well, sometimes not) but its exciting times with the business right now.

Talking of exciting times its the start of my Online Retail Class today, a big welcome to everyone who has joined I will see you over there in a bit. A new year is all about setting new goals and moving forward whether that is with your home or your career. I’m attempting both but as this is an interiors blog today I wanted to talk about clever little touches to elevate any space. Like…..


I get asked a lot how to know when to stop decorating a space. For me I guess its pretty intuitive the minute it starts to make me feel anything but relaxed is the time I starting taking things out or adding clever little storage solutions. G and I are very different in every walk of life. I can’t work in a mess or live in mess, he on the other hand wouldn’t bat an eye if stuff hit the ceiling and he had to crawl through the space  to get to his desk. For moi stress free equals clutter free so re-elevate your space and give it a bit of a clear up!

Splurge on the small stuff

Little luxuries elevate rooms like a beautiful vase, a hand thrown coffee cup, a lovely notepad, some scent it upgrades your pad. Splurging on some flowers, a cluster of t-lights are what turn rooms around in the subtlest of ways and make you feel good.

Start an art collection

A week or so ago I wrote about starting an art collection something I am pretty keen on expanding in my own home! Art is such a fabulous way of adding colour, texture, pattern and visual intrigue to walls and I’m on a mission to find some of the coolest art around this year and plonk it on my walls from the hallway to the bedroom!

Add some panache

Paint something in a vibrant hue, add an accessory with a decorative flourish bold up your home basically with something that adds drama and intrigue oh and I just can’t wait for you to see my new book on Colour. Its bigger, its fatter and its the coolest one yet. Published this April in Europe and in America this Fall. Told you it was exciting times!