Here’s a fact, everybody is championing the eclectic vibe these days. It’s been all the rage for what feels like forever. But and this is a big fat but not many people carry it off that well (in my humble opinion, of course)! Too much mixing can make a space feel crazy as your eye doesn’t know quite where to land and winds up confused and unhappy. Who knew that eyes could get unhappy?! But trust me, they do! The trick is to find a common ground and here is how:


Stay consistent with your palette, I’m not saying paint every room out the same hue, but link your hues. All my rooms are painted in different colours but all are inky, swampy bottom of the lake colours, they have the same saturation point. That means as I transition from room to room it feels harmonious not jarring and as I’m referencing so may different styles, eras and periods – it grounds my collection of stuff.


Remember, we don’t want things to match (we’re not living in Noah’s Ark) but we do  want things to balance otherwise rooms feel off kilter. That means you have to choose or select pieces with similar visual weight, again it helps add cohesion.


It’s great to mix different eras, but pieces need companions who share a similar colour, style of finish. If every single piece is some different style, different colour, texture or finish your space (I guarantee it) will look and feel like a hot mess!


I have this laid-back lair thing going on in my pad – glamour meets grit aesthetic. That means I wouldn’t layer or add overly formal or stuffy pieces to my décor. I shop globally but the thread that holds everything together is that all the pieces are relaxed and welcoming!