Up a bit earlier today as the builders are in creating me a bookcase in the second half of my studio which next week I am cladding in faux fur! Is this mad I’m asking myself – furry walls, really! It’s a Parisian inky reddish, purplish faux and to be honest I’m a little nervous. I see it working in my head but reality is a whole different thing right. We shall see, if you don’t try you’ll never know that’s my line of thinking. Talking of which I sat down the other day and came up with 4 tips that over the years have stood me in good stead which I though I would share.

If you don’t love it – let it go

I’ve seen a lot of houses in my time, heck I’ve even co-presented a prime time TV programme on hoarders so I know the effect too much stuff has on the senses and our general well-being.   Plus, (confession time here) I’ve got a room upstairs that I just throw stuff into, chairs that need upholstering, rugs, lamps that I think I will need one day and then never get round too using on and on I could go. Having all that stuff can drag you down so ending your relationship with stuff like leftover wallpaper, vases that you don’t use, bolts of fabric and so forth feels so good when you finally purge and let them go. If you haven’t used it for a while or it’s sitting in a spare room like mine – time to let it go. Talking of which I’m yard sale-ing all my stuff on our website soon, one-off proto types, some vintage pieces quite I bit in fact I shall let you know when that happens! I’m excited to finally let go!

Invest in good art

If buying from galleries or auction houses scares you, or budgets are limited fear not!  Visit student shows, affordable art fairs, cruise a few flea markets. Starting an art collection is fun and the pieces you collect whether they are expensive or cheap should stay with you whenever you go. I’ve brought the odd high-end piece from galleries and some super cheap pieces from fleas and you know what you can’t even tell which is which, but they’ve travelled with me from my time spent living in the States to here now in London.

Collect trinkets from far away lands

Nothing makes a home feel more globally stylish or eclectic than souvenirs or accessories you’ve picked up from foreign lands. A blanket from Morocco a hand thrown vase from Oz, a beautifully illustrated book from NYC – they add that all-important layer of personality to your pad. If you’re staycationing then don’t let that put you off, plonk on the sofa and search the web for global finds. I’m on the hunt for petrified wooden stools now I’m crossing over to the wild side and going all cowboy (more on another day)!

Go off radar

The coolest homes on the planet don’t follow trends or care about what is in or out the coolest homes almost create their own micro trends. They add something oddball or kooky or bizarre and work it into their scheme. Adding unexpected twists will lift your interior way beyond anything else out there.

See you later with the Biz column