Can you guess? It’s black of course. In interiors at least, it actually is the new white. I should say I can back up that statement with stats too – 100% of respondents agreed that black’s where it’s at. (I just polled myself and figured that was enough!) Joking aside dark hues are on the increase. Everyone seems to be embracing them.

The thing about dark hues is that they create such depth by making the edges of rooms blur and disappear, which gives an illusion of space especially when you blur the boundaries between the ceilings and walls. It’s also the most dramatic backdrop ever, which means that everything in the room looks way cooler than it really is. My studio is where I spend 80% of my time, and I’ve painted it top to bottom in my Hudson Black, the inkiest, most intense noir ever.

Living as we do in a 24/7 plugged in existence means fabulously enough that we expect more than ever from our interiors. Rather than just being somewhere to plop, cook and sleep we now expect them to be all-round fabulous, visually stimulating and engaging. White or pale spaces just don’t do that as well, in my humble opinion of course Go black and you won’t go back, I promise! It has infinitely more impact. I don’t get how more people don’t get this – dark colours invite you into the room. If you don’t believe me check out the slideshow…

Oh also if you’ve painted your pad out black anywhere, take a snap and show me on at{mine}. Let’s see if we can’t get a colour revolution underway!