Bedrooms are such a personal part of your home to decorate. You want it to be a super-cosy space, bang on the design you love and super-stylish. For me, colour is the most important part of choosing your vibe for the space your decorating.  Go bold with your colour choice and you’ll find it’s an instant game changer.

Now, colour is personal of course but obviously I’m going to try and continue on my crusade to convert you to the dark side. So here are 3 reasons to pick up a paintbrush and go dark in your bedroom. Don’t be surprised if the dark hues spread to the rest of your pad too though. It gets a little addictive.


I’ll say it over and over again, bold colours makes everything look cooler and stand out. Going dark will elevate all shelving, lighting and accessories you already have, so your bedroom will instantly seem a way cooler space. Promise!
Your  bedroom is somewhere you want to linger and be a sanctuary to hideaway from the world. Hence, in my bedroom, I have Mulberry walls, a contrasting wood-panelled headboard as I love natural materials – it makes me feel calmer. I also have thrown in lots of textures such as my Tibetan Sheepskin and my super-soft Mohair Throw to create lots of layers for a cosy, luxurious place I want to hang out in.


Forget about bland beige for bedrooms, it’s not fooling anyone or making the space seem larger. Instead I’d say paint it all dark – walls, floors, ceiling, woodwork, shelving, the lot. All the boundaries that usually chop up a room like skirting boards, radiators etc the dark colour will distract the eye, which can make a space seem even smaller. But we all know that black on black disappears. So painting everything out in the same dark hue blurs all the boundaries and softens the edges of your room and creates infinity.


For me, there is nothing worse than a bright white bedroom, it’s sterile and dull. Make use of the natural light you have and ignore the mumbo jumbo you hear out there about colours. Instead embrace it, go with dark, strong colours and you’ll immediately have oodles of intrigue, drama and glamour.