Can you believe it’s September already? I can’t. I’m not totally ready to say goodbye to summer, but I do like the fact that seasonal changes make me what to change things up indoors. Here’s the three simplest changes you can make to switch it up for the new season.



First up on my to do list this fall is plopping sheepskins over dining chairs, sofas, and any available space basically – I love the softness they add to a space. Textiles in general are the quickest route to cosying up for Fall – this time of year is all about adorning sofas and beds with heavier throws or blankets that create instant snugness.

For the same reasons I’m a little obsessed with our Nile stool in the autumn and winter months (although its pretty cool all year round!). It’s softness adds texture and another layer of cosiness to any room. Not just that but it’s versatile too – it’s a fab piece to use as a coffee table once it’s accented with books or trays, or as an impromptu perch for guests.

Rugs add immediate softness to any space too. We’ve just added some fab new ones to store, plus with matching cushions too! I’m on the hunt for some of the best rugs around for the top floor of my pad. At the moment it’s really underused, but I’ll be renovating it upon my return from Asia and turning into an additional studio space. (I’ll keep you guys tuned.)



I don’t know about you guys but I love candlelight. Even if it’s just me and the M’s at home I’ll always light a few candles as soon as the sun gets drowsy and dusk descends. Firelight is flickering, flattering, atmospheric and looks so beautiful at night.

Cooler temps make me want to light a fire too, curl up on the sofa and read read read. If you’ve been following the biz posts you will know that I’m reading more than ever – business books like Delivering Happiness and Business for Punks but also inspirational tomes like Commune’s lovely book and the New Bohemians, Cabin Porn and others!


Lastly I am scent obsessed – and the autumn winter months are my kind of months when it comes to scent. I’m not the hugest fan of anything too floral or fruity – instead I gravitate towards, smoky, leather-y and rich, resinous, spicy fragrances – autumn in a nutshell! Try our gorgeous bark-wrapped “We Took To The Woods” scented candles, or perhaps our incense pyres in Blood Countess, Nakh or Muru fragrances. Heavenly.