Now don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you go the whole hog and do a refit. In fact when I talk cabinets I’m only bothered about the bit that you can see, namely the doors. You can keep all the cabinetry but totally revamp your kitchen by switching out the doors, or just the hardware even. We’ve got basic IKEA cupboards that we added custom extra long doors too for a more bespoke look.

There are so many finishes – painted, laminate, wooden, vinyl on and on I could go. Think about the finish and think about the profile. Modern and flushed, colonial square, shaker. Do you want handles or no handles – it’s worth investing some time in figuring out the look you want. Mixing and matching can be really cool too when it’s done properly. Just check out this kitchen, all super sleek gloss black on top, rustic raw wood on the bottom.


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