We all want our décor to look amazing right? Sophisticated, glamorous, boho whatever your vibe we spend a lot of time thinking about our homes. I was talking to the head chef (French) in the hotel we stay in in China recently and he said it’s a European/American/Australian ‘thing’ to be so into our homes. In China he proclaimed it was very different. How true that is or not I’m not qualified to say, what I am qualified to impart however is three 3 tips that will transform your way of designing a space instantly.

Discover your muse or figure out your vibe.

In the retail world the big boys and the boys who know what they are doing drill into their customers lives. So the AA customer is sophisticated and a little edgy, they live in cities or the burbs; often times are foodies, design savvy and love discovering new things. They love music, places to travel and new designs.

I was reading Anthropologie’s customer profile the other day and it went like this ‘well travelled, urban minded and into cooking gardening and wine. She has a natural curiosity about the world. She can picture herself roughing it with a backpack as long as there is a spa and room service at the end of the trek. She prefers the luscious cooking of Nigella to the measured perfection of Martha”

I’m not making this stuff up – we drill into our customers and the great thing with Anthroplogie and myself is that we’re not sitting around the board room saying to each other ‘ what do you think she or he would like’. We are our customers! We fill our homes with what we sell. This is turning into a biz column already, apologies What I’m trying to say in a super rambling fashion is that when you work out your vibe, or mood or theme it will make designing your space so much easier. I design each space in my house around a mood and how I want each room to make me feel, chilled, tantalised etc etc. Give your space a story that reflects you basically.

Mix your styles

No brainer with this one if everything is from the same period or style it shouts uptight but when you mix things up magic happens. If it makes you uncomfortable or you feel you can’t quite get the hang of mixing everything then mix in pairs. Dining chairs the same style x 2, two upholstered seats it will feel uniform yet beautiful and not too crazy.


What can I say about flowers other than that they are game changers. No matter where you put them they enliven spaces instantly. Desks, shelves, tables. I’ve got the oldest most beautiful lilac tree in the garden and for about 3 weeks I cut down the most fat headed, scented purple lilac. They sit on my desk right now as I type and I love it! Flowers are one of life’s luxuries that bring instant cheer.