Though the name may sound a little strange, this place is one of the coolest hangouts I have stumbled across. Once a bland 1950s high-rise, this sexy pad has been cleverly transformed into a super-funky hotel, 25hours Bikini Hotel.

Nestled in the West City, the interiors have been designed by the cool and award-winning, Werner Aisslinger who has created some of the districts coolest commercial spaces in Berlin. Peppered with cosy fur-lined hammocks and a plethora of tropical foliage you can easily snuggle in for the day. You have to hit up the Bikini Mall too – it’s brimming with inspiring treasures.

With a rooftop bar aptly named the Monkey Bar, overlooking the zoo, yes the zoo, you can have your very own mini-safari while sipping on a G&T or two! (Lookout for the giraffes).

Before I go, I must mention the breakfast. This is also set in the glass-walled rooftop, throw in some local artists artwork, locally sourced produce and you have yourself a breakfast fit for a king! Enjoy the pics – I particularly love the bar scene – how cool is the chandelier?!