I love the whole vibe of layering rugs. It’s a classic cool girl trick in fashion too – a bit like layering a tank over a shirt. I’m a maximalist by nature, so often times one rug just isn’t enough.

One of of the reasons I really love layering is that it allows me to buy any rugs I happen upon without worrying about dimensions. I don’t get hung up on the floor space in the room, but create a sort of patchwork of complementing rugs instead. For example in my bedroom I’ve doubled up with two similar Moroccan carpet, or in the studio I’ve got round the problem of a narrow rug by layering a skinny runner alongside it. Fab trick, and seriously liberating!

There are so many different ways you can go here. Perhaps the simplest route is to work with in the same colour palette, but play with pattern mixing or different textures. Perhaps sisal with stripes, neutral marocs with patterned runners, a kilim or Persian rug with a modern blocky print. It’s a boho, relaxed look that allows for endless remixing and reinventing!

I especially love the mixed vibes when you layer something quite traditional (such as an antique or vintage patterned piece) with something a little rougher and more textural like leather or jute. It feels a little rebellious, which I love. Try it – it might just give that old, off-kilter or too small rug a new lease of life.