I am soooo excited to show you guys my collection, the one we have just launched in Paris to much acclaim.  It has taken us a year to perfect, caused quite a lot of heart ache along the way, there were times when I seriously thought we wouldn’t be able to show with pieces turning up incorrectly. One factory even decided they didn’t like my design so they did something they preferred and sent that over. HELLO! At some point I will tell you about the journey its taken to get to this point, right now I am kind of blanking it out of my mind, it’s still quite raw! However when I look at the brochure all of that goes away. The photography (by the best photographer on the planet) Graham Atkins Hughes is amazing as it always is. Graham has also shot my third book so you will be seeing a lot more jaw on the floor images in the coming months.

On the first morning of the show it was like a stampede I had said to the team Friday morning will probably be slow, so let’s go around and tweak and clean and yet within 30 minutes of opening, Gem, Graham and I were all taking orders and had ques. It was crazy, in a good way.

So here it is,  it’s a little cowboy, it’s a little glam, it references country but in a Jonny Cash kind of way not a Laura Ashley one and whats more it’s from the heart. It’s a collection of pieces that I want in my home. Hope you guys like!