Half the team are on vacation this week (mostly in France it seems) so I said to G we should take a couple of days off and do house-y stuff. No galavanting across to France for us, the cabin needs finishing, the garden needs overhauling and you can’t even get into two rooms upstairs because they are filled to the rafters with boxes of our new own label collections – samples samples everywhere. So not a fun few days but  once done you kind of feel a certain satisfaction right?

From there is all went down hill, the car wouldn’t start, having hauled a zillion boxes out of the house and loaded them into the car to take to the dump put the key in the ignition – nothing. I then tried to  get back into the house only to feel the lock do strange things when the key went in. I’m locked out. G is at the bank with the M’s so I have to sit outside in my vest and frayed cut-offs dirty as hell waiting for them. Then he can’t get in either. Takes us over an hour to climb over gardens of neighbours and get in.

Finally go to the drinks fridge thirsty as anything and the fans gone. Everything is warm. Moral of the story for us – don’t plan any time off I reckon. Crazy!

I digress lets talk instant ways to style up your pad.

There are many pluses to working from home, as much as I love my empty house right now. Namely the M’s aren’t left alone, and I have the easiest commute on the planet. My days are long, never shorter than 12 so my home has to feel uber comforting and tranquil at the end of a long day when I drag my tired ass downstairs. Otherwise I would perpetually be glugging the wine and or moaning!

Below are my instant cheer me up tips for any room:

Flowers or plants (both actually) always perk me up. At the moment I have the most amazing hydrangeas from Columbia road on my table (you can see them over on my Instagram account). Then of course there are my faux’s enlivening corners and tables with their meadow-y fat headed English vibe. Always puts a smile on my face.

Super size your cushions. I’m a big fan of maximising the size of my cushions so you see a lot of large ones on my sofas and chairs. Not only do they make the upholstered pieces look grander they beckon for a bit of after dinner lounging!

Go seasonal with scent. Floral notes in summer, wintery ones in the darker months. I’m pretty obsessed with ylang ylang and bergamot rind from Aesop, an essential oil which I burn all over the house. Smells divine!

Add some black accents! Trust me on this black is the coolest eye-catching neutral on the planet. Not only will it revitalise any scheme it will make everything look more vivid, alive and cooler!

That’s me done. Today with the team still out are continuing  with the onslaught, I’ve cleaned out all the cupboards and now I’m about to tackle the wardrobes. I know it sounds not much fun but having an empty house and just pottering in the week feels like a bit of a holiday in itself to me. Lets hope nothing else breaks down!