Exciting day today, it’s logo changing day across the brand. So the blog and website later this morn will have a slightly different feel which is a lot more us! Talking of overhaul’s more often than not you don’t need a complete one to make your pad look the bees knees. Trust me on this, I’ve suddenly added a few cactus, a hammered gold table and a big black vessel to my space and it’s turned it around big time. So I thought it might be fun to come up with a list of 10 minute decorating ideas that will do the exact same thing. It’s funny because last week I had the longest day having been up since 4.00 am, then a massive re jig of the store not to mention a meeting afterwards and I got home feeling done in. But then I got inspired by some of our new products that stood in the hallway so I lit a scented candle, cranked up the sonos and pottered around my lower ground floor and in less than 10 minutes I had transformed a console, a hearth and a little nook!

We all need an instant pick me up at times, super speedy ideas that will elevate a space big time so here are some of my game changers!

Plop a throw over a sofa. With fall fast approaching it’s time to cosy up indoors, and nothing shouts cosy like a throw. I’ve gone sheepskin crazy and it’s totally turned the space around. Obviously I went one step further and overlaid a supersized metallic leather star cushion on top to give it in edge. Nailed!

Take everything off a shelf and restyle. Sometimes when you look at an area and it doesn’t feel quite right… chances are it’s not. On the weekend I did exactly this and it’s breathed new life into my shelf. I haven’t changed up the pieces other than editing the colour palette, so it’s now just a green and black story and I’ve swapped in some new autumnal blooms and cactus and it feels like the best nook in the house!

Paint something. OK this might take longer than 10 minutes but it could be a small thing like an occasional table, a frame, or an alcove. Only bit of advice I’ll give you is to go a little off radar so it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable you feel initially the cooler your place will look in the long run – promise! Playing it safe is easier but dull. Who wants dull? I want a space that lifts my spirits the moment I enter and you won’t get that unless you play around with colour. Especially now it’s fall and we are more indoors than out. Do it I say, straight away this weekend, it’s the biggest ever game changer!

Re-arrange the furniture. Whether you are swapping something around, introducing something from another room, or re-arranging the configuration nothing changes a space more. On the weekend I moved out my red loveseat and in its place plopped a console and repositioned my concrete chair in the corner. Why I didn’t do this ages ago I don’t know, it’s made this part of the room way more intriguing – you can see how it’s changed via my Instagram feed.

Add more candlelight. Nothing shouts autumn like the flickering, flattering glow of candlelight. I’ve just dug mine out of drawers and plopped all over the house, so beautiful as dusk starts to fall. This weekend we’re tackling the outside lighting as everything has grown massively (totally intended I’m trying to grow a forest out there) so there simply isn’t enough light for my liking. I don’t want it overlit, I just want the eye to extend right to the back of the garden so it gives me that sense of depth!

Oh and other little game changers as simple as it sounds include fruit and veg – I love decorating with them. Pumpkins and squash will be adorning  my outside kitchen and even my central island. Also fruit from the trees, figs galore (G and I hate figs, so if anyone has a cool fig recipe please let me know) oh and we also have quince which I do love especially the smell!