I’ve said this before, but hey, I am saying it again, (a little brutally perhaps) the majority of businesses fail. The chance of becoming a long term sustainable business is less than 1 in 20!

The only way to survive is to make whatever you are doing totally jaw on the floor amazing. If you don’t have a clear and proper purpose (if say you are just in it to earn mega bucks or you’ve seen what someone else has done and want to jump on their bandwagon) then quit now. You’ll most probably fail or bumble along earning a pittance.

You want to be thinking along the lines of changing the world. This might sound crazy but I didn’t open an interiors store to do what everybody else is doing. I opened a store to reinvigorate interiors, to break boundaries, jump outside the box with a curated collection of pieces (many of which now are made by us). I don’t follow trends or look at what other people are doing, I follow my inner voice and in doing so we’ve reinvented the dark side of colour and how people think about faux botanicals. We’re pioneers, which if you’re starting a biz or finding your one has become a bit stale – is what you need to be doing.

Whatever you are doing, it needs to be compelling so it sets you apart and gives people a reason to care. The market is hugely saturated, everyone is playing shop, opening online stores, offering up another similar this or that. You have to stand above and beyond everyone else.

I should say there will be pitfalls along the way, we’re still facing big growing pains – yes, it’s gritty, tough and it’s very intense. I’ve pushed this biz in the last 6 months to the edge of the precipice, (or so it feels) which has resulted in some serious growing pains. We’ve suddenly taken on a load more people, we’re working with way more factories in new territories, we producing way more than ever before – it’s crazy. We have a clear purpose – reinventing interiors – in a singularly maverick AA way, and if I can stay on this runaway train long enough I just think we might have a chance of conquering the globe!

I may be 90 when that happens but I believe we can excite people about interiors like no one else. This belief gets me up in the morning and pushes me to work very long hours!