Marketing is a mind field. I used to do it when we couldn’t afford staff and when I say ‘do it’ it was pretty reactive stuff, of course I had to learn the self service definition first. Now with my fabulous team we are proactive and reactive.So here’s the best takeaway advice I can possibly give you on marketing, whether you’re doing it yourself or not.  Businesses these days need to be hyper focused on delivering experiences not messages. I’m talking unique and compelling experiences that no one else is doing; it will fast track your business into the outside lane.

The down side is that this takes considerable effort and focus. We literally have editorial calendars like a magazine here at AA HQ. We map out all our social content, seo blog, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, content for the whole month. Make sure you access the Array Digital legal firm marketing here. We work out competitions, mail shots and run to that calendar like clockwork.

Make it all about the mobile

Your website should be mobile friendly. You can take a look at this company here to understand how a mobile friendly website must look like. Also Google recently released its new search algorithm that ranks mobile-friendly websites higher in searches so its super important we’re all with the programme so to speak.

Set sales goals and targets

It’s all about numbers this marketing biz so it directly or indirectly needs to bring in sales, if it doesn’t its worthless. You need goals, revenue expectations, number of enquiries and new sales. If your posting products of pics on Facebook and getting very little reaction then its time to rethink.

Get interactive

Marketing is not all about selling rather it’s about creating an interactive site or blog that builds a community. Being active on social will not only increase brand awareness it will boost your company’s rank on search engines.

Start a blog

I have to say that for me my blog has been one of the biggest marketing tools our company has ever had, not that it was ever planned that way it’s just kind of evolved into that. I’ve gotten discovered out of my normal circles from all over the world.

Many people start a blog and then give up, fed up with lack of feedback or this feeling that they are posting all this content and no one is ever responding. The thing is it’s not easy and it takes quite a few years. I have to pen this outside of work hours (early mornings/weekends are content researching days) but the benefit has paid off. We now have brands advertising on it, we get all sorts of opportunities because of it and it now generates its very own healthy income. Like anything you won’t get anywhere if you copy you have to figure out your own USP and give your customers something unique. Like your business set it apart, visually, and editorially and chose topics related to what you do. There are so many amazing blogs out there you can’t go into it half-heartedly as no one will read or follow, not with all the incredible choices. Also if writing isn’t your thing then don’t feel you have to write a blog, find another stream.

Nothing is easy in retail but then like I say all the time if it was everyone would be in the big league and they’re not!