I’d like to give the floor over to a fellow Dalstonista today. Alison Lloyd is the wonder woman behind Ally Capellino‘s gorgeous bags and accessories. If you’re not already familiar with Ally Capellino, they’re the most beautiful range of ultra pared-back, non-flashy luxury bags in tactile materials. It’s no wonder that everyone from Apple to the Ace Hotel want a piece of Alison’s designs!

I’m always fascinated by what drives other designers and creatives. Alison says her number one hobby is people watching, and her latest collection was partially inspired by the array of hair colours you see out on the streets of East London! I caught up with her for a quick-fire Q&A on design inspiration, risk taking, reading, and her favourite things to do in our ‘hood.

Oh, also enjoy the beautiful bags in the photo sideshow. My personal fave is this season’s metallic silver clutch, kind of reminds me of the star cushions we stock in store. I will treat myself actually – why should my sofa get all the sparkle and fun, hey?

Ally C2

What has been your biggest source of inspiration?

The original Monsieur Dior for some clean lines, whatever Raf Simons thinks about him not being a minimalist! Materials of any kind are my design start point though. I think “what can this leather, canvas or plastic do?” And I can’t get enough of people watching.

What makes a place feel like home to you?

I like a cuppa and good cotton sheets, also hot water and a nice view. Simple tastes!

Favourite spot in Dalston?

I’m happy on any Dalston street for a bit of people watching! Out in my back garden is great in summer – it’s noisy with bees, birds, trains and screaming sirens and yet still relaxing and calming.

If you could live anywhere else, where would you be?

I wouldn’t mind something quite high up a mountain with fresh gusty air and views that go for miles in all directions. But also a teleport to get back to London streets and people watching quickly please!

What’s the best risk you’ve ever taken?

Taking a flight, not booking anything and heading off to Nepal – alone.

Which vice do you most admire?

Eating the forbidden fruit.

Which virtue do you most dislike?

Being on time. I’m one of those annoying people who are always running late.

What are you reading at the moment?

A real mix – The New Yorker, The Son by Philip Meyer, Grayson Perry’s Playing to the Gallery, The Guest Cat by Takashe Hiraide and Solar by Ian McEwan. Although I haven’t made a huge impression on any of them I’m afraid! I need a holiday for reading.