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eatI’m obsessed with the latest addition to my cookbook collection (honestly there’s 20-odd and counting out stacked up on the kitchen island now, I think I might have a problem). Anyway I’ve definitely made space for the Hartwood cookbook. It’s packed with incredible photography and droolworthy recipes courtesy of one of the coolest restaurants in the world. Hartwood is a smokey atmospheric little shack in the Mexican jungle, and a slice of foodie heaven. Top photographers and professional cool-hunters like Todd Selby have jetted out there, and the food is TDF. For a taster, Chalkboard Mag have their roasted beets recipe, but the whole book is beautiful – not just to eat, but a visual treat too.



goIf you’re in town this weekend I’d seriously recommend a trip to the London Art Fair. It’s just down the road from us on Upper Street Islington, and is packed with tons of amazing artwork from Henry Moore originals to cool contemporary photography. For the price of the ticket it’s definitely worth a look and a stop by the Peroni bar, even if you can’t quite afford to invest yet!



Lastly, this Domino article on bad trends from the 90’s brought back serious decorating traumas! We have Friends to blame for ugly kitchens and bad shades of purple, and I for one am very glad to see the back of wall-to-wall carpet and ugly CD holders. Shudder.