Kirsten Alana: @kirstenalana. It’s been so grim and rainy in London this week, I’m dreaming of heading elsewhere for warmer climes. Kirsten Alana is a travel photographer who takes gorgeous snaps of her adventures in every corner of the globe. I’m living through her feed at the mo, which has taken me on virtual trips to Paris and Morocco. I don’t actually travel much apart from biz trips though- need to change that up!
seesecretJust when I thought I might have snooped around every gallery in London, I found this list of secret hidden galleries. They’re tucked away in the most unexpected places, a crypt, a townhouse, even a police station! So cool.



The Symphony of Sorrowful Songs by Henryk Gorecki is beyond beautiful – heart breakingly beautifully actually. Sounds odd maybe, but sometimes that’s what you need.


goYesterday was Bonfire Night for us Brits, so a roaring bonfire and a fireworks display is a must this weekend! here’s a list of all the best firework displays across the country. Only snag for me is the poor old M’s… they really hate Bonfire Night. Might settle down for a cosy evening around the firepit, fire crackling, sparklers, and a mug of hot homemade soup. Heaven.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.