Overslept and failed to  make yoga, darn was so on a mission this week to go at least 3 times. Yesterday was a long working day (hence the oversleeping)  so don’t feel I’ve had much of a weekend hence my rather grumpy undertones please forgive in advance.

Lets get down to business I thought today we might talk about window treatments – one of my leas favourite subjects but sometimes you just have to face what you’re not keen on head on. What do we prefer curtains, blinds, shutters or nothing?  For me up until now at least its been mostly nothing. The house on the lower two floors has shutters – the ground floor ones I never shut even in the middle of winter and the lower ground ones I do but only late at night since we light the front garden and I like to feel the house extends beyond where it ends (make sense)?

Anyways the bedroom has simple blinds but its not quite cosy enough so I think I need curtains. There are two ways to go with curtains half length (just below the sill) or to the floor. If you can I would advise going to the floor they will feel far more luxurious and sumptuous that way rather than them stopping midway. I want something textural almost Paddington Bear ish in feel – furry, velvety have I lost the plot? No matter when it comes to dressing your windows you can go two routes on the colour front assuming you are going for drapes that is. Either tie them into the general scheme so they go away or go all out bold, blingy and fabulous so they make some sort of statement. I’m thinking of making them blend in, not sure I want them to be the star of the show.

Enough, coffee is required and a quick zoom around the house before Inga our cleaner gets here. Maud and Mung’s love Inga (at least Maud is obsessed and Mung’s just goes along with the plan). They follow her every move, don’t leave  her side for over   5 hours, watching her dust, plump, mop sitting by her feet or standing guard in case god forbid I walk into the room and then they shoo me out!

Its a funny little family I’ve got here – wouldn’t trade it though!