You know you’ve hit a few problems when you are brushing your teeth in the mirror and suddenly you start to resent the time it’s taking.  You start doing deals in your head about how to shortcut the whole process, i.e. can I do the front and just whiz over the back, spending more time on them later. VERY BAD, who do I think I am, the President of the United States? He has every right to resent the time it takes to teeth brush, but me, ridiculous get a grip!

All of us are pooped we spent the whole weekend digging up rocks huge rocks and planting. There were a few scares, Maud and Mungo escaped, and my world very nearly ended but we found them. Graham had left the door open by accident, neighbours were kindly helping us hump 3 massive trees through the downstairs window out into the garden and we were all congratulating ourselves drinking beer in the garden when I thought it was oddly quiet. Out they had popped down the street and had zoomed into a neighbours garden, Mungo was hanging out in the front garden sniffing, but Maud had zoomed through the front door and up the stairs in the house (she is such a nosy parker). So at one point we had Mung’s but couldn’t find Maud, stress, stress, stress. Anyways so exhausted by their adventure were they that within 5 minutes they were flat on their backs fast asleep with legs in the air. As was I, funnily little family that we are!

Down to business, today I thought we should talk about hallways and transitional areas, areas that we pass through and are often times neglected.   Places that are transitional, poky, plain old awkward  I think deserve as much respect as say a living room.  Take hallways for instance. The minute you put that key in the door you want to be tantalised and surprised and you want your spirits to lift. For example I have a big white hand sticking out from the wall (2 actually) one holds handbags the other a big bloom of wisteria. On a console sits a bulldog, a big bunch of blooms, a candle and a massive book. A few pieces of art line the walls and an ostrich table hangs out on a little landing above. A little granny esq rug skims the floor and wham bam done. On a teeny tiny landing I have a rug, a little yellow chair, a moose and painting above. Simple as that, it doesn’t take much but by turning a boring old landing into a super cool little hang out zone is so much fun,   every time I come up the stairs to go into the bathroom I smile. Now I’ve come full circle back to bathrooms, oh dear wondering if I can possibly not wash the hair, splash a bit of water onto the face and get on with the day,  don’t get me started!

How simple is this. It really doesn’t take much to take transitional spaces to a whole other level.

Love love love this idea, scraps of rugs skimming stair treads. Pattern, texture, colour you don’t need anything else.

I say this  all the time, but the more things you add to a space the more interesting it becomes.

Happy Monday