Hi everyone, here’s the perfect weekend afternoon revamp tasks for you. Not only will they freshen up your exterior like nothing else, what’s more it’ll give you tons more space inside the house and is a trick you can use on almost any room. All you’ll need is a screwdriver and a pot of paint. Interested?

my pad

The secret is doors, of course. If you’ve ever visited my pad for the Design School, you might have noticed that there are hardly any doors at all. I’ve removed them in every single room apart from the bedrooms and bathrooms. For years I never closed them and then came the revelation that I probably didn’t need them! When pushed back they take out half the wall and a lot of space out of the room. I could do so much cooler things when I removed them. Which I did. It opens up your space like nothing else, creates a great flow to the house and also gives you intriguing snippets of the rooms beyond. Liberating stuff!

So first task this weekend is remove a door – any door you like. Just grab a screwdriver and take the hinges off, it’s a super quick and easy job that will make the biggest difference to how you use your space. repaint

Right, while we’re on a roll the next revamp task is to paint your front door. Go bold here! Black would be my personal choice of course, it’s cool, smart and uber-chic. But you could go for any hue – a rich burnt umber, a deep green, teal even if that’s your bag. Choose a colour you love and it’ll give you something to smile about as you come home every evening. I love how our house stands out on the road – people always say that they can guess ours from a mile off! But your home should reflect who you are outside and inside too, don’t you think?

Happy revamping! All the other revamp tasks so far can be found here. Have a fantastic weekend everyone. See you all on Monday…