The animal accent trend is one that isn’t slowing down anytime soon, which I find fascinating because trends are so transient as I mentioned yesterday. In, out, sneered upon cheered upon yet this one seems to be gaining continual momentum. Interesting because animals have been used in decoration for centuries. Think stately homes and hunting lodges all over the land, only now they seem to be gaining new heights. The reason is simple animals instantly cheer up a room, raise the spirits and make one smile which is why I am such a fan. Interiors can be a snooty old business something I for one cannot stand. Plonk an animal on a table and you’ve lifted the spirits and made yourself smile at the same time. Clever no?

Choices are endless, think luxurious animal shaped rugs to ethnic prints and patterns found on cushions to my animal lights. There are so many ways you can accessorize with them. The big trick is in moderation otherwise your pad will end up looking like some kind of safari park and who wants that? The trick is to balance them and use in isolation. This will prevent them from overwhelming a room but at the same time allow them to make a statement in their own right!

You can opt for an earthy palette or a shot of high impact colour, I’ve gone for both. Since watching The Real House Wives of NYC (don’t judge me) on the way back in the plane from LA I have become obsessed with Carol Radziwill’s tiger couch I just adore it. It’s so clever how something like that just turns her room around making it feel edgy and cool. Long live the animal trend I say!

All images are from my latest Debenhams’s collection which I am delighted to say are some of the company’s biggest selling homeware products! I’ve got a meeting in town at lunchtime so I’m whizzing over to Debs Oxford Street after to go and look at them all. It’s funny designing them a year out they become such an intense part of your life for a period then you sign them off wait and year and forget just how cool they are. What’s more Debenhams have a 20% sale on so the bison, dog and bear lamp are all coming home with me today!

Talking of sales we have some big final reductions over on the Flash Sale.  I’ll be back later with the biz column. See you in a bit!