I’ve written on this subject before about how I am a huge fan of personality laden interiors – ones that make your heart skip a beat and your pulse rate quicken. Art galleries are the most inexpensive way to turn a big ol’ plain boring wall into an extraordinary wall.

Starting an art collection may sound a little grown up and expensive but your gallery wall doesn’t need to be full with expensive artwork. Try filling it with nostalgic posters, illustrations from a flea market you picked up in Croatia, things torn from a magazine and photography all add instant pizzazz. It’s not so much about any individual piece but the impact they have collectively. Having said, that I’ve got a few pointers to share with you so you can knock it out of the park…


Try using different sizes of artwork, mix textures and shapes to create interest and construct them on the floor to create your wall. Play around with different formats and mix it up!


Have a focal point. The centre of the display should be at eye level – this is a good rule of thumb to work with.


For me, obviously I am going to say go dark. It will make your artwork instantly feel more luxurious, elegant and make your wall pop! Not to mention, drama.


There’s no law that says artwork has to be neatly or uniformly hung. Layering pieces on top of each other, as in this shelf display, creates a casual, cosy vibe.