I love drilling into pieces (especially if they are small) that elevate a space making it cooler, cosier and more inviting. So, I pay particular attention to details no matter how small. I create lots of small décor displays on tables, mantles, consoles, little groupings of artwork that don’t make grand statements – just really cool accents that make the hugest difference.


I know, I know, I’m totally predictable but they are the biggest game changer. Before I got into the flower biz, I had no idea how much botanicals change up everything they touch from mantles to little side tables.


I have mirrors in every room. In my lower ground floor I have mirrors opposite each other and I love the reflections, depth and instant intrigue they add.


I don’t swap cushions out like some people do depending on the seasons. I have slubby woolly ones, sheepskin, and metallic leather star ones all over the place. They break up all the big expanses of furniture and cosy up the pad!


I love my Aesop hand wash makes my bathroom feel like a hotel and smells so delish!