At this time of year I hate it getting dark so early, but I love creating a glimmering, magical evening vibe. Lighting the fires and dotting the place with candles and hints of sparkle might just be my fave time of day. I’m seriously loading up on beautiful metallic accessories at the moment and keep nabbing every new sparkly thing that comes into the warehouse! I’m sure it can’t just be me though. I think we’re all magpies at heart, which is why we’re drawn to everything that shimmers and glimmers. Metallics totally and utterly warm up a room, lend excitement and add glamour all at the same time – genius no?

The metallics I’m obsessing over right now are all warm and weathered-looking. No icy silvers thanks, instead think luscious tones of gold, copper, brass and burnished bronze. They all look totally stunning against dark backdrops, and then you just have to offset all the bling-bling with some softer elements – rugs, cushions, wicker baskets, leafy plants, and you’ve got it nailed!

Here’s my round-up of the coolest metallics to get you inspired…

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 16.58.06


These are gorgeous for glamming up a table! I’ve got a cluster of them plonked on my dining table as a instantly glam centre-piece. I love the mixture of the rough matte bronze and glossy gold finishes, and they look really magical with a little tealight burning or with a fat bunch of flowers.

Malone side table, Abigail Ahern £250Malone Sidetable

To me this is the perfect burnished bronze to use as a subtle accent in any room. The great thing about these warm metallics is that they works with literally any other hue beautifully; if you’ve got pale interiors a touch of gold = beautiful. If you got dark interiors add a big dose of gold = beyond beautiful!

Metallic Gold Cushion

Shimmering textiles are an easy peasy way to dip a toe into the idea of metallics. This gold cushion is amazing, just add it to your sofa with a snuggly sheepskin (or three) and voila! Gorgeous.
Cowhide rug, City Cows £300Metallic Cowhide Rug

Loads of us have metallic accessories, hardware or light fittings nailed but why not bring a touch of shimmer to floors too? Metallic cowhides are a super cool, luxe twist on the old classic. City Cows have some of the best selection anywhere.

Starburst chandelier, Abigail Ahern £640Starburst Chandelier

You all know I can’t resist a modern twist on chandelier. I have them in literally every single room of the house (apart from the downstairs loo where it wouldn’t even fit!) and this is my new favourite find. Doesn’t it just shout OTT glam and sophistication?