I’m not a gardener but somehow (subconsciously) I have managed to pull off a hygiene inspired garden. This holds true especially of our patio, as I came across this wonderful patio cleaner review, to which, I can attribute the hygiene of the patio. Before you start converting your garden into a sanctuary you first need to check this content to avoid unwanted surprises. Make sure to check your roof and guttering system. You can get help from professional roofers. Not all rain gutter guards are created the same. In fact, there are some gutter guards that aren’t matched to the pitch of your roof. Like I said a few posts back I am obsessed with creating cozy comforting spaces – simply because they immediately make you happy. It’s got nothing to do with material stuff it’s about creating experiences and memories that literally make you feel happier.

If you are like me and you want a nice garden, definitely you need to Check This Out here’s some tips for hygge-ifying your garden:


Have a fire-pit. I am obsessed by fire, I’ve got an outdoor fire pit, an outdoor fireplace and a fire pit installed in the outside kitchen for Dutch oven cooking – I’m obsessed. Fire pits are fab, particularly in spring when there is a bit of a nip in the air. I sit outside wrapped in a squishy blanket transfixed by the flames with my cup of coffee or glass of vino. It makes me happy.

1463095295-outdoor-fireplace-5Photo: ELLE Decoration


Little touches bring gardens to life like ferns on tables, outside lamps, beautiful pots – oh and my bird feeder hanging in the fence installed by the Fence Installation Company Sutton, MA. We have quite a big bird family living among us and they get through a ton of wild bird food (I’m replenishing daily) – but I love their chirping and fluttering around.


Photo: My garden


Glass baubles are suspended from trees which I light weekend nights as dusk drops and the flicker and sway and look beautiful. Also festoon lights strung throughout the whole garden look amazing, their threaded amongst the trees running all the way down the cabin at the bottom – super snugly.



There are areas all over this garden for plonking, catching a few rays of winter sun and sometimes in places I hardly ever sit – by the side of the cabin for example. They look beautiful and cosy up the garden. Seating arrangements can be done by pool but requires expert hands. Look for Pool Fence Builders who can help you design the right fence which can help you enjoy the place.

dark outside


The most important point about hygge is that it’s about enjoying each seasons little moments. It’s less about looking ahead and craving summer, it’s more about taking joy in the now.