Like any eclectic decorating styles, mismatched chairs are a tricky look to pull off, but do it right and something magical happens! It adds oodles of personality and visual interest to a space, stops it being too “cookie cutter” or decorating by numbers, and makes your dining room uniquely yours. It’s a look I’ll always love, but I know it’s a trick that some people find a bit tricky to navigate. This week I shared some of my top tips for mixing and matching with My Domaine, and now with you guys too:

First up, my number one rule for mixing chairs is to always mix and match in pairs. I do this all the time as it will make the scheme feel more cohesive if each chair is part of a couple. You can mash up all sorts of different eras, vibes, textures and so on if you stick to this simple rule. So in my pad I have tulip chairs hanging out with our own-label barrel saloon chairs – totally different styles, but the shapes create some unity. They work together because of the rule of pairs, but also because all those curves echo each other plus the shape of the table too.

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