We were enjoying a bit of an Indian summer for September, but it’s definitely feeling nippier now. Darker mornings and evenings, a bit of a chill in the air and I’m slow cooking squash and pumpkin everything. Must be Fall! So at a time like this everyone needs a bit more warm cosiness – in face, feels like the perfect excuse for a duvet day to me (not that I have time for one, but I can dream hey?). So here are the essentials you need to create a bedroom so snuggly and splendid you’ll never want to leave…


I don’t know about you guys but I need my bedroom to feel like a sanctuary – a place I can retreat to – so soft lighting is key. The softer the lighting the calmer the space. If you’re not sure how to achieve this, the easiest thing is to get few lamps to spill flattering pools of light around, and please stick that overheard lighting on a dimmer. Job done!



For me bedrooms never feel finished unless they are flanked by little tables. Not only are they super handy, but they balance out the room and they add ambience. So always add bedside tables even if they're small. Mine are the smallest - any bigger and I wouldn’t be able to access my wardrobe behind. So mine houses a lamp, a jug of water, my current book and my phone. That's it. At the end of the bed I have plonked a much larger coffee table (part of the new collection coming later this season!) where I stack books/magazines, more lamps and plants.



Oh and I should say eliminating clutter is fundamental. Again my trick is to shove anything clutter-y or boring behind closed doors. I’ve cut my room by a third shoved up a wall and there behind goes all my stuff. It allows me to only display the cool stuff the boring stuff goes behind closed doors. If you are starting from scratch with storage go right up to the ceiling it will feel more streamlined and give you oodles more space. As well as the built-ins I have some extra storage with our Dawlish console (I actually love this piece so much that I've got one in my living room and bedroom! Too much?). The reason it's so amazing is that it gives you another surface to style up with flowers, candles, a cool vignette etc. and behind the textured facade there's heaps of hidden storage. Love!



Remember you ideally want three focal points in any room so that could be a lovely upholstered bedhead, a cool mirror or a feature wall of wallpaper. Oh and ignore all the snooty designers who turn up their noses at feature walls. This is an industry with a lot of upturned noses – I say if you want a feature wall have a feature well and to the hell with anyone that tells you otherwise! On keeping it sooting and not overwhelming - you can have both art and a big headboard but it could be a little much. Again this is purely personal. I tend to have a low-key bed but big art.



Finally - the most vital ingredients for cosy bedrooms is obviously textiles. Linen bedding, woolly cushions, tactile sheepskins and amazing velvets. See where I am going with this – mix up different fabrics and layers on the bed. It's all about contrast and comfort – makes things far more intriguing that way!


All photos from my book COLOUR, photography shot by Graham Atkins-Hughes.