I’m sticking with outside still, and why not the weather looks beautiful. Before I get onto that thank you for all your comments on Instagram and social about the cabin. I had a bit of a wobble yesterday thinking that I couldn’t make something so tiny that cool as you can’t create my all important layers but I think I am nearly there. Just need a rug and a wood burning stove now, oh and G needs to add power, then we are there.

Lets talk alfresco entertaining shall we. I like glamming up outdoors with candles and lighting but the attraction for me is the laid backness of everything which is why I tend to prefer a more boho vibe than a sleek one, feels so much more casual.

If you happen to be planning or hosting an alfresco luncheon or supper any time soon here are some things I always do:

Seasonal offerings: I decorate the table with whatever is in season. Jugs of herbs, sweet peas, hydrangeas it elevates the table beautifully, plus it smells gorgeous. Right now our jasmine is in full scent mode so when you walk outside you are hit with this intoxicating scent so I tend to decorate the table with non scenty things and  t-lights so its not so overpowering.

Black tableware: Everything looks more glam on black and I use roofing slate a lot as I say all the time. Cheap as anything, larger than what you find in any retail store they are great for salads, grains, fish you name it. Sold mainly through DIY stores for as little as a few quid.

Create an outdoor bar. I am obsessed with the idea of setting up an impromptu beverage station. Guests can move around, hang out, interact. If you’ve got a trolley table even better as you can wheel it out. Super cool!

Keep the menu simple. Easy to grill veggies, olives, selection of cheeses, fish (sea bass stuffed with fennel is my most fav), salamis nothing better I reckon.

Rework yoghurt pots. You know those cool glass yoghurt pots that you get French yoghurt in, well they  make fabulous containers for t-lights dotted around the garden, even drinking vessels. I’ve got this thing about drinking out of little jars for some reason and in the summer its so so sweet.

Light a fire: When the temps drop light a fire if you have one or a fire pit.  There are some really sweet ones out there, then wrap yourself in the woolliest of throws so you stay out even longer, although I think at that point I might retreat to the cabin, once that is I can get the M’s to go in. They are a little suspicious of it!