Last week, if you happened to be reading it, I drilled into coupling your zodiac sign with certain colours. If you didn’t see last week, take a look here. See what your’s say about you.


If you’re born under the Libra sign, then you are most probably kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, harmony and peace (wish that was me). Green therefore, is the perfect colour for you. I love greens from emeralds to mossy, sage-y. blue-y types. It’s such a pick me up colour, bringing rooms and areas instantly alive!


Scorpios are known as being complex and fascinating, magnetic and secretive, which is why red is the perfect hue for you guys. The allure of red is undeniable, bold, alluring and cool. I happen to prefer it when its dialled down with a bit of black thrown in – surprise, surprise.


Known as being open minded and philosophical, brown is the colour for you! Its a very grounded hue and has a strong foundation, in which to build any room. It’s the perfect foil for different tones like pearl, tangerine, and powder blue.


Capricorns (moi) are planners and strategists liking to rehearse and plan everything in advance. They like stability and structure, which is why grey is a prefect hue. From stormy grey to summer cloud, it’s the perfect backdrop for anything and everything.


Unique, affectionate, frank and curious, you’re not afraid to go off track, which is why orange is the colour for you. Orange has a Vitamin C affect on the home, it instantly refreshes and creates intrigue. Add a dash of the fabulous in small doses with tangerine for a bit of zing!


Compassionate, selfless, willing to help others you have an artistic talent and are more intuitive than others. Blue is the perfect colour for you guys, as you naturally gravitate towards calming hues. There’s no easier hue to work with with all its warm and cool tones.