There are lots of reasons to hire a designer even though often times its considered something of a luxury, it is actually quite affordable.  So many design firms do ‘a room in a box schemes’ or e-design schemes that this myth that it’s reserved for A-listers or the elite is just not the case. Trust me when I say I’m not angling for work here, I literally don’t undertake interior designer projects anymore (one or two a year if that).  This may seem crazy as we turn work down on a weekly basis – but there is no point spreading yourself so thinly that you never do anything well.  So today’s post is all about the pro’s of working with a design studio

 Dreams get turned into reality.

A design team brings to the table a whole different way of thinking. You may have a dream or concept of what you want but if your team is a good one they will take it to the next level and come up with scenarios you never imagined.

Designers see the bigger picture and pretty much know what to avoid and what to go for so you won’t be making costly mistakes like buying a supersized bed and then not having room for anything else in the room!

 Little Black Books

It takes time to build a room, find the right sources, find a supplier to upholster a vintage piece or craft a bespoke light and designers have the best little black books in town. Full to the brim of go-to sources for everything. From the coolest vintage flea markets along with a whole load of trade only suppliers.

Although you’re paying for that knowledge you’ll find yourself looking at pieces you never thought imaginable.

How do you know the collaboration will be a success?

Designers totally and utterly care about your project, believe me when I say we don’t just churn out a look and go home rub our hands together and think that was easy. Your project is our baby I would never in the past recommend stuff that didn’t resonate well with me; I couldn’t sleep at night if I did that. We care!

Also its so easy to reject an idea and be narrow minded about things designers suggest so my words of advice would be think about the idea before immediately shutting it down. It’s hard at times to understand what the designer is banging on about it. Let your designer push you a little is kind of what I’m saying, place trust in them and if you’re absolutely against an idea push back. It’s in no one’s interest not to have you loving the scheme. It’s your house after all. As a designer there is no point or pleasure I have to say in designing a scheme the client cannot connect with, so make sure you get want you want at the same time as being broad minded. Make sense?

 You can save money!

Depending on the deal with your designer most of them we’ll get discounts off anything they buy from between 10 -30% depending on the supplier of course and the deal you have with your studio.  That discount is past onto the client so you can actually save money. Yes designers aren’t going to run to Ikea and tell you to purchase their latest sofa but they’re lead you to looking at pieces you wouldn’t even have imagined. Also many of the cool guys shop high, low and vintage and although we don’t get discounts off the high street our curated eye will give you the best of what is out there.


Good designers have to be versatile. Lets say you hire me and want a pale Scandinavian vibe and I’m all about inky swampy cocooning glammed up interiors? What to do. Good designers will totally work with your taste all be it different from theirs. It’s actually one of the reasons I’m longer such a good designer anymore I’d be like ‘you crazy, I’m outta here!