Question: why are there so many decorating rules and regulations out there? Where do they actually come from anyway? They eat away into the idea of design until they become set in stone, hold us back and only serve to make our spaces boring. You know the thing – so called “design rules” like you must paint small spaces lighter to make them look bigger, or there are only 3 accepted curtain lengths, or ceilings have to be left white. Wrong! The more rules you impose, the more boring the space I say. I’m on a myth busting mission, so here’s the rules you can chuck away and never worry about again.

Abigail Ahern home office studio rugs

Area rugs must be underneath furniture.

Apparently you must never have furniture half on half off a rug. What? Seriously ignore this one. It’s really not such a big deal if say the back two legs of an armchair are off and the front two are on. It’s much more important that you’ve got rugs you love for the space! Also a note on choosing rugs for a room – usually the bigger the better, but if you can’t manage that then you can always layer tons of smaller ones. I have all over my pad.




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