I get asked loads about how to style up coffee tables for a cool vignette. There isn’t a rule book as such, it’s more to do with what you feel is right. The best tip I can give is try not to have vast acres of your table unadorned. Layer it up with books, candles, trays, boxes whatever you so wish – just fill the space! Whenever I see an empty table I shudder a bit, as it can just feel a little soulless. There are absolutely no gaps or dead spaces in my pad, almost all of mine have something on them no matter how simple. When I say simple it could be just a little heap of books and a posy of flowers, some candles, or a carafe. I tend to prefer to layer mine up a bit but you don’t have to.

Whatever route you go down, with styling coffee tables it has to look thoughtful, not neglectful or slapdash, so you can’t just plonk down a heap of mags and walk away (regrettably).

Try these three simple tips, I use them all the time!

  • Create a lively rhythm by playing around with different heights. For example, on my coffee table I have one heap of books containing three hefty tomes, and another littler pile with only two books. Add vases and candles on top and wham bam, nailed!
  • Anchor itty bitties and odds and ends with a tray. I bang on about this quite a bit, but it’s such a pro stylist tip. If you’ve got lots of small pieces, anchor them on a tray and it will make the whole vignette look and feel way more grounded. Plus trays break up surfaces adding a different dimension, which as Martha would say “is a good thing”.
  • Always try to add a bit of greenery. Add foliage, flowers (real or faux) or something else natural and you’ve just taken your coffee table into the big league!

Happy Days! And just to top it all off, we’ve got another giveaway. Show me a snap of your styled coffee table with #AbigailAhern75 – send pics via facebook, instagram or twitter, and the most gorgeous stylist among you will win a £75 giftvoucher!