Dining rooms are mostly evening locations, so you want them to look magical when the sun goes down. With your pendant or chandelier go larger than you think you need to, and hang it at least a foot lower than you think you should! It will instantly bring more drama and a sense of high-octane glamour to your space, however small. Also please have a dimmer installed. If that’s not possible, switch the overhead light off and go with side lights and candles when you’re dining. Nothing worse than harsh, airport-lounge style bright lighting to put you off your food. Yuck.

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Last trick – an unexpected but super subtle twist is to paint your ceiling out in a glossy hue in the exact same colour as the walls. It’s an easy change which is super glam. It will look magical reflecting the light from the chandelier. Voila! Everything you need way you get to create a stylish eatery that is welcoming, cocooning and oh so cool.


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