Decorating isn’t easy – if it was everyone would have a fabulously cool interior right? Skill is involved. Even (or especially) when it looks super easy and effortless, it isn’t. But that is not to say you can’t achieve a droolworthy stylish pad on your own. Here are some pointers to help you become your very own designer:

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Any project I’ve worked on, whether it’s a residential or commercial space or like now when I’m in the middle of designing a new collection, I start with amassing lots of inspirational images. Moodboards are an essential part of the process to gather as much aspirational inspiration as you can! I put different hats on and explore different vibes and once I’ve amassed a ton I kind of put them through my AA filter and come up with a concept. I can’t encourage you enough in doing this it really sets up the framework of your scheme. Pinterest, books, magazines, your own travel photos – there’s inspiration everywhere. Here’s my guide to how I go about making moodboards.


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