In my pad, I adore this kind of rock chick, boho vibe I have going on. It is sort of a mash up of gritty and glam; where traditional pieces hang out with tribal pieces, which all thread together with a subtle dose of irreverence. So I might have misled you a bit with the title because I honestly think one of the biggest game changing styling tricks on the planet, no matter what your style is, is adding a touch of levity in the design.

Some spaces take themselves too seriously; where everything is designed perfectly and, in my book, they look instantly bland. The the minute you add a little dollop of humour, is the minute you take the space to another level.

Art is a great way of adding humour, so anything animal related is always a great idea to add to a space. Something in a oddball colour, or shape is a great shout too. It’s the one trick I constantly swear by – and I swear a lot!