We are having an amazing Indian summer here in London. Warm days, slightly chilly evenings I am loving it.  Yesterday we pottered around the garden, picked quince, watered the plants, made a dish in the slow cooker, a super relaxing day. I happen to think just because summer is nearing its end doesn’t mean we have to close the doors to outside for 6 months.  I use mine year round, in fact nothing better than a chilly eve wrapped up in a throw sitting by our outdoor fire, in my opinion that is. G and the 2 M’s will disagree with you but there you go. I thought I would talk a little about how to autumn-fy your outdoor space. Now I’m not going to bang on about rethinking outdoor lighting because I have been waxing lyrical about that forever and its the biggest trick for turning them around. Here are my other top tips for making your outdoor space an area that you can use right up until the deepest, darkest days of winter.

Add fire

You might not have an outside fireplace, but how about a fire pit. Think toasted marshmallows, jacket spuds – nice!

Go autumnal with plants vegetables

Nothing shouts fall like boxwood, pumpkins and squashes to me. I’ve replaced all the summer herbs in pots with wintery more robust ones like rosemary and thyme so nothing looks bare. I’ve added squashes to the outdoor kitchen and also my kitchen counter (butternut squash curry being my fav autumnal food right now, super healthy as you use red lentils, it’s coconut-y and totally yum.

Add throws

I am a sheepskin fan so if I’m sitting outside on a nippy afternoon or eve I plonk a sheepskin over my outside seat or some chunky wooly throw that will cosy up my furniture and me nicely!

Chin Chin

Ditch mojitos for an old fashioned or warmed mulled cider, yum yum, must do this for my autumn/ winter design class pupils.

I happen to love autumn and rather than lamenting summer’s passing I tend to look forward too and enjoy the various seasons, even winter (unless it goes on too long).

See you later with all the details of the retail online class x