Easter is nearly here and we have been busy creating the perfect Easter bouquet for the bank holiday weekend. With help from my wonderful florists at Heal’s we created a bouquet that is so lush and beautiful you will want it in every room of your house!

Here is an easy step-by-step guide so you can create your very own AA bouquet for Easter. I keep sneaking a peek of it around the house.


  • Peach Peony
  • Cow parsley cream
  • Hydrangea green
  • Hellebore green
  • Budded Astilbe
  • Ranunculus pale pink


1. Cut the larger, bushier stems into smaller sprigs, to get the most out of each stem.

2. Cut all the stems to the same length.

3. Start with a sturdier stemmed flower such as the Peony, and place the next floatier stem at a 45 degree angle. Keep repeating this towards the left, stem by stem, to create a spiral is effect.

4. Hold the bunch midway down the stem as your binding point, then and add each stem at an angle, making sure you are changing up the foliage or flower each time.

5. When you have a bunch, pull the stems up in the middle and down a tad around the edges, so a neater bunch takes shape. Don’t be afraid to bend the head or pull out a particular stem to give it a bit of attention, and create a more wild, rustic style.

6. Voilà, my dears, you ave your very own Abigail Ahern Easter bouquet to admire over the four-day weekend!