What do I do with window frames?

If you’re blessed with wooden window frames then lucky you. They’re heaps nicer and you can easily paint them to match the walls. When you paint your frames the same colour as your walls the eye immediately gets drawn to what’s in the room. Everything feels way more sophisticated and cool and it’s a trick I use time and time again.That’s what I’ve done with all the wooden windows in my pad (we actually had to replace the frames when we moved in to upgrade to wooden sash ones).


BUT if you’ve got the white PVC type there are still some tricks you can use. Firstly if you want to paint it’s not impossible. Give the frames a really light sanding and prime them. Then you can paint them out in eggshell. You’ll need patience here (something I’m always lacking with decorating!) because it may take a lot of coats for an even finish, but persevere and the results will be worth it, I promise.

Miche James002_0028

If you’re really not up for painting the frames like perhaps you’re worried about reselling (don’t be!), or even just can’t be bothered with the faff, then I feel you. Decorate to embrace and celebrate the contrast of the white frames against your newly dark beautiful walls, and make it a feature instead of an eyesore. The trick is to think of white like an accent and dot it around the rest of the room too. Perhaps mirror the windows by hanging some artwork with white frames, introduce a beautiful white fluffy rug or cluster some creamy vases on the mantelpiece. Voila! For inspiration check out this room I shot for COLOUR. It’s in the perennially-chic monochromatic palette, but flipped so that black is the main colour and white is an accent. Timeless with a twist. Love.


OR final solution… use window treatments. Hunt out curtains that match your wall colour and hang those to soften and disguise the window frames. This is by far the quickest and laziest solution out there, and when you colour match it’s super elegant. This is what I did in my bedroom and I was blown away by the results. Total curtains-convert over here.

And there you have it! Phew. That turned out to be a longer post than I expected. Who knew I had so much to say about window frames? Forgive my yabbering on, but I hope it helped some of you guys with paint dilemmas. If you do go for it don’t forget to show me on instagram with #abigailaherncolour – I always love to see fresh converts to the dark side!

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